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    we had a baby! wait… we had two!

    3Y7A7043Since the last time I blogged, I can’t quite be sure blogs are still actually a thing but here goes.  The last year has been one of the hardest and most rewarding years I’ve ever experienced.  365 days ago I found out I was pregnant the week we were closing on our dream house, a 4 bedroom fixer upper.  I kept it secret a few days until the night before we closed and dropped the moving truck off- I told Nick on the front steps of our soon to be house that we were pregnant.  He thought I was joking.  Little did we know that 3 weeks into home owning, a house buzzing with an average of 5 contractors, tile guys and painters a day – I would start getting sick.

    I know I know… everyone who’s pregnant gets sick. I’m talking sick so much that I was able to hand pick my c-section nurses on a first name basis sick.  Sick as in was basically bed bound from week 7 until 37 when I delivered.  Sick as in I am sick of people only knowing what Hyperemesis because Princess Kate has it (let’s take a moment to commend her for getting pregnant 3 times.)  Physically I was so drained.  With going to my wonderful OB teams – both high risk and normal, 15 trips to get fluid at the hospital, 25+ ultrasounds, NSTs, dietitians appointments weekly, I was so tired.  If you know me you know that I am always on the go, always traveling and doing something with friends and there was little to none of that on a day to day basis.  When everything you loved eating makes you sick, as well as getting sick 6ish times a day, I became emotionally weak.  Food was how I showed my people I loved them and when Nick would come home and I’d struggle to keep a few crackers down, it was one of the weirdest seasons of my life.  I am so thankful for a loving husband that loved me so well in this time.

    Through every single scan and ultrasound there was nothing ever wrong with the boys.  I am so blessed that even though I was sicker than I’ve ever been, the boys were so SO healthy.  We knew Jack was a boy at 12 weeks through an ultrasound and also some genetic testing but didn’t know if Mason was a boy or girl until 20 weeks.  Talk about mind games! I started planning my nursery about 2 years ago so I will link to that blog post (once it’s written.. this only took 4 months… we all have our strengths)

    We did some homemade maternity photos basically because I knew we would regret not doing them later if we only have the boys and did them all at home on a day I felt pretty good!!

    Maternity Photos 2017 (11 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (17 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (33 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (72 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (102 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (111 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (115 of 122)

    I promised I wouldn’t tell my birth story … well I lied. Here it is : I went into labor a day before my scheduled c-section so I had my c-section a day early. Did I do my makeup beforehand? Sure did. Did Nick see my guts? He said yes but focused on Jack.  Spinal blocks are awesome.  The end.

    Our sweet friend Shannon Jackson of Vine and Light Photography came to the hospital the day after delivery and gifted us with a sweet little shoot of our new family.


    our wedding.

    So it’s only been 3 years and change, a house, a dog and two kids later but I was talking to an aunt and realized I never did a full post for our wedding!  I loved looking back at this sweet day.  I think as a vendor I noticed the few glitches (DJ messing up first dance song that our friends were planning on singing, the tent guys hitting the sole water line to the venue so it started spraying like the Beverly Hillbillies when they find gold and my original peonies getting stuck on a drug truck in Mexico) but other than that we had the best day in the world.  I met our amazing photographer on Instagram because in 2014 you do that (and half my mom friends are mom bloggers from across the country now.)  We flew her down from Charlotte and she was a trooper in the 98 degree weather and 10 trillion types of mosquitoes Florida has.  It was so amazing to be surrounded by 130 of our closest friends and family.   I had 3 sweet friends act as part time bridesmaids that helped the day go so smoothly. Heads up to all girls planning weddings  – let your best friends pick their dresses for what they feel beautiful and comfortable in.  Nobody wants to pay $350 for a dress you’ll wear for 8 hours and no you usually can’t cut it and wear it again.  Also wedding hack- take photos in fancy shoes that will make your feet hurt and then grab some Tom’s out of your honeymoon bag and wear those all day instead.

    If you live in the south and don’t have a Publix wedding cake and I am shooting or attending your wedding… you have wasted my calorie count for the day.  I wanted the day to feel like us, just filled with little sweet details of our families pie recipes (FUTURE BRIDES- do not decide to make 14 pies the week of your wedding.  You will cry but then everyone rants and raves about them so choose your own adventure there.)  Secondly, if you are anything but vegan, 4Rivers is the way to go with catering.  Their team can host a wedding in their sleep and every year we go to the restaurants and have a redo of our wedding meal which is more fun than deciding “chicken or fish.”  We decided to do a PopTail hour because it was about the temperature of the surface of the sun so it was way more fun to cool off for an hour than a regular cocktail hour.  Before we got engaged, we would walk around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando and get popsicles.  Fast forward doing that 100 times and getting engaged at the lake, there was no question where we would go to celebrate.  Boom and poptail hour was invented.

    I tried on 3 dresses before my own. When I looked at the tag and it’s name was “Cincinnati” I knew it was the one.  With Nick from Ohio I knew it was fate.  Alterations for dresses are so complicated and stressful. My first seamstress (in Ocala) had my dress until 2 weeks before and either forgot to do it or something so I went to get it on a Sunday morning and had 2 weeks to take an off the rack 5 size too large dress and add sleeves like my mothers dress.  Needless to say a few tears later Mrs Kim saved my dress and I loved it so much.  I added an embroidery embellishment from the bridal section of The Sewing Studio for $30 vs the $250+ belts I had seen at bridal boutiques.

    I am so thankful to have had Eddie officiate our wedding.  Through our premarital counseling he became our dear friend and he was one of my favorite memories.  He asked me to take Nick as my lawfully wedded wife on accident and it made for my favorite photo ever in the world thats hanging in our room today. He is hilarious and kind and you should check out his podcast here. Did i just plug my pastor’s podcast on my wedding blog? Better believe it. He also is on the Relevant Magazine podcast too, which will make you want to be his best friend. Get in line. We call dibs.

    Nick and I have had our fair share of amazing and heartbreaking moments over the last few years. Years of great loss and years like this where we were blessed with two babies… I can honestly say I thought I loved him then but now seeing him as a father to our two sweet boys, I look at these photos and didn’t have a clue how much I would love him.  I can’t wait to show our boys these photos for years to come and am thankful for the grace in our relationship.  Eddie challenged us to out serve one another and the last year I have seen Nick scoop me off the floor when I was so sick with the boys and care for me more than anyone I have ever met. You don’t know how much you’ll actually enforce your vows on the day where you’re in a fancy white dress. We’ve almost been apart as much as we’ve been married due to Army scheduling but even though it’s hard it’s so sweet to be married to this man.


    Photography : Emily Chidester Photography
    Bridal Jewelry : Bay Hill Jewelers, Custom pieces by Stacy Papp as well as grooms band
    Venue : a private estate in Geneva, FL
    Catering : 4Rivers – Emily Justice coordination
    Popsicles for Poptail hour : Hyppo Orlando
    Cake : Publix
    Cake topper : Allee Rodenbaugh
    Pies : Nick + I made them like crazy people.  I consider it wedding week hazing.
    Floral : I was able to order wholesale and some sweet friends assembled bouquets Sarahbeth Dikun, Ashley Smith and Katie Wingfield
    Centerpieces : purchased the boxes from a friend from her wedding, painted them and filled them with live flowers from the Winter Park Farmers Market. My mom took them and has the flowers in her yard today! I love it!
    Makeup: MAC Sanford, FL
    Hair : Cosmopolitan Salon Longwood, FL
    Grooms attire : Express
    Bridal : Vocelles Tallahassee  with added belt and sleeves
    Sleeve lace and Belt : The Sewing Studio Casselberry, FL
    Alterations : Kim & Tailor 2092 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792
    Veil: Amazon ( you won’t believe what I paid for this! Unless you hated it then you can just go play on Pinterest and have more fun there)
    Hair pins : Vocelles, Tallahassee, FL
    Bridesmaids dresses : various
    Staging and Event Design : Chic Rustique Orlando
    DJ: messed up too many things to count so I’ll spare you his details but if you want to know who not to book I will email you his information.