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  • Hey y’all!

    twin mom, army wife, portrait photographer & interior designer in sunny orlando, florida

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    Saturday wedding packages starting at $2000 & portrait shoots starting at $350.

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    lindsey + evan + ian. newborn

    There’s something so precious about a newborn shoot.  Not having children of my own yet, I am thankful for clients that show me not only what becoming husband and wife looks like, but also show me what parenting in the age of all of the worlds distractions can be.  Lindsey is a children’s ministry coordinator at Summit Church, having her own little boy has allowed her to use that patience & love onto 10 more fingers and 10 more toes.

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    alexis + travis. engaged

    Alexis and I have been emailing back and forth for many months trying to get our schedules aligned so we could meet up for a shoot! I am so thankful that we were able to meet in Gainesville when she, her fiance and I were in three completely opposite sides of the state! So excited for their new journey in the coming months and their precious wedding in the spring! 

    katie + beau. engaged.

    One of the first questions I asked Katie about Beau is if he was a musician.  Being one of the most gifted singers I know, it was my secret dream that Beau somehow was another musician and they could tour the world as a less dramatic Civil Wars and that would be that.  This was all before their first date.

    Fast forward a few months and N & I found ourselves going on double dates with these two and are so thankful to have them in our lives.  Katie and Beau were the proposal I was able to be a part of a few weeks ago & share that moment with the two of them.

    Here are a few previews of our weekend in Venice, Florida.


    kassy + greg + baby bump. orlando maternity

    Kassy & Greg are in their last month of before becoming a little family of three! These two have been together since we were juniors in high school & are welcoming their little girl around their third year anniversary of their wedding! It’s safe to say I am already jealous of this baby’s perfect complexion and a larger than life personality she can’t escape from having.  I can’t wait for these two to meet their sweet little baby girl, Delaney.


    holly + joe + baby bump. orlando maternity

    There is something about seeing one of your closest friends in the process of becoming a mother that makes your heart melt.  Holly is one of the most nurturing and loving individuals I have ever met.  When I found out she & her sweet husband were expecting a little girl I was so excited to be a part of their journey as parents.  This little girl will grow up in the most loving house & surrounded by amazing parents.  So excited to meet baby Trolio & see how beautiful she will be!

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    This is a really good read for me, thank you!