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  • Hey y’all!

    twin mom, army wife, portrait photographer & interior designer in sunny orlando, florida

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    Saturday wedding packages starting at $2000 & portrait shoots starting at $350.

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    lindsey + evan + baby bump.

    I met Lindsey a few months ago when volunteering at the children’s ministry at Summit Church.  Immediately you notice Lindsey’s attention to detail to anyone under 5′ tall that walks through the doors on Thursday nights and Sundays.  Her and her husband are expecting a sweet little boy in the fall & I cannot wait to photograph Ian.

    San Francisco. personal.

    With new blogs come new adventures.  Hours after shooting Maggie & Jared’s wedding in Georgia, I flew to California for the first time longer than a layover.  Lake Tahoe is beautiful and a great time of relaxation and hiking.  Here’s a little snippet of our day trip to the windy bay city!  After accidentally walking right past Will.I.Am at a Filipino festival, we enjoyed taking a tour of the city on the cable car down to the Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner.

    Marla Young - 02/10/2016 - 5:34 am

    Your photos are stunning!

    maggie + jared. married.

    Throughout the redesign of my new blog, choosing my last wedding to be the opening post was an obvious choice.  Excuse the dust for the next few weeks, but I have finally settled on a professional photographer’s blog designing suite.  Although I have lost some of my previous blogs, I will reload them in time.

    I met Maggie last summer working with Student Life Ministries in Birmingham.  We instantly clicked and became good friends who spent the summer sharing our love of Gigi’s cupcakes, SEC football & our sweet boyfriends that were long distance all summer.  Seeing how God brought them closer through those months of being apart was a testimony to their devotion to Him and each other.  Fast forward to December when I get a call that my sweet friend was engaged to the man of her dreams.  Jared is honestly one of the most kind people I have ever met.  Being a firefighter/EMT, you can see the love he has for everyone, but shows one girl a lot more love than most.

    Being able to spend a few days before the wedding with Maggie, Jared, their families and friends was an amazing way to see how this event was more about their love for each other, rather than the production that most weddings can become.  The day was complete with her aunt’s 17 wonderful homemade pies of all types.

    Their love is precious and Christ-centered.  Thank you all for bringing me into your family for this wonderful day.

    Location- Sunny D Farms, Williamson, Georgia.