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    twin mom, army wife, portrait photographer & interior designer in sunny orlando, florida

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    workshop with solutions bridal

    I am so excited to be partnering with Solutions Bridal of Orlando to host a floral crown workshop for both brides and creatives alike! Tickets are on sale now until May 10 and spaces are limited so get your ticket today!

    Cant wait to see y’all there!

    Solutions Flyer Jordan Emmitt


    Taking on less clients this year really has made me fall back in love with photography and makes me realize how much I love getting to tell love stories for a living.  Years of trying to book more weddings than my competition left me burnt out, working with some weddings only because I could not say no, and my heart was starting to not be in it anymore and I was left doubting if I wanted to continue shooting.  With that said, after 8 years, I have started focusing my attention on the couple as a whole and caring less about booking every single consult that I attend.   By creating a true meaningful relationship with my clients, I can better serve them both on their wedding days and hopefully be there when their families grow!  I am honored that I get to tell Miranda & Will’s story.


    I immediately clicked with Miranda.  Our stories seemed so intertwined that it felt like talking to an old friend, more than meeting a “client” and I knew I wanted to be there photographing her wedding.  She told me about her sweet fiance and how hard they are working at not only creating a perfect wedding day, but working on a lifetime together.  They brought their sweet pup along for our date to take engagement pictures and I loved getting to see them love each other all afternoon!

    I am so blessed with not only brides with gorgeous hair, but also I am thankful for my bride tribe of sweet girls who I get to walk through their wedding seasons together.

    Cant wait for their wedding in 2017!

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    Gentry Adams - 04/07/2016 - 4:51 pm

    These are SUCH gorgeous pictures!! You are so talented!

    new orleans : a locals guide

    Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Local Guide

    After a busy season for both myself and Nick, we decided to take a road trip and second anniversary trip to one of my favorite places in the south, New Orleans.  Now if you know anything about us, we love to find new and unique places along the way to our location and fight to see who can find the coolest restaurants once we get there!  Needless to say, we didn’t have a bad meal there.  Along the way, we stopped in Tallahassee for the night and caught an FSU baseball game with some friends and of course had to eat at MoMo’s Pizza. This will without a doubt be the longest blog I write. Oh the time I have now that my workshop is over! (That’s coming soon on my blog as well!)

    Growing up with close family in New Orleans, I was privileged to spend summers spending time with them there.  My hands cringe when I see friends go to New Orleans and hit all the tourist traps.  New Orleans is known for it’s food, but you have to research

    Day 1: Arrival, Garden District, Mothers

    Check into The White Room at the Fleur De Lis Mansion Bed and Breakfast  :We booked the room through Airbnb and it was even more gorgeous than the photographs on their site.  I could have slept for days on their amazing memory foam mattresses.  Located right by the Garden District, we rode around for a while and I pointed out some of my favorite places on Magazine that we would have to pop in during the week. Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (46 of 46)

    Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (27 of 46)

    Warby Parker : They opened a location in the Garden District recently and both Nick and I ordered glasses! It was an amazing experience and we are regretting getting our portraits done in the studio! I’ve been buying Warby’s for 5 years now and their business model and customer service is beyond amazing. I love love them! Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (42 of 46)

    Garden District shopping :

    The Bead Shop New Orleans

    Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (41 of 46)IMG_1504

    Preparing for our photoshoot with Darian Tuesday afternoon, I ran in Whole Foods and they just happpened to have some of the most gorgeous garden roses ever and I proceeded to make the floral crown I was going to wear in our anniversary shoot!

    Mothers: Nothing fancy but great soul food.  Not a jaded tourist trap thankfully.  Great ham but I always get their sides.

    Day 2: District Doughnuts, Garden District shopping, Anniversary photos with Darian Kayce

    District Doughnuts    Y’all. I can’t begin to talk about how we went here 3 times in one week.  Each day their flavors change and we are OBSESSED. Their staff was amazing and really wanted to get to know their customers. This probably wasn’t the best thing to eat to look skinny in our photos but they were worth it. Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (44 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (43 of 46)IMG_1514

    Deanie’s Seafood : Classic NOLa staple, amazing fried seafood and stuffed shrimp that will change your life. Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (40 of 46)

    Photos with Darian:

    Where can I begin?! Like our wedding photography, I was searching around Instagram for someone who I was immediately drawn to.  I sent her an email a few weeks before our trip and assured her we weren’t cat fishing her and we started planning our shoot together.  Since N was going to be gone with work a little while and would miss our real anniversary, I wanted some sweet portraits of us together.  She knocked it out of the dang park.  Knowing I love the Garden District and more unique locations, we walked all around and found some gorgeous locations. I will post more at a later blog, but I’ll just leave these little goodies here. I can’t stop staring at them and dang, how hot is my husband????!??!?!? Woah.  Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (17 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (30 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Local GuideIMG_0270-X2Jordan_Nick_029Jordan_Nick_103

    Rock and Sake $5 LSU Roll on Tuesdays were an amazing snack after all the lunch from earlier in the day.  I would love to take one of their sushi classes one day!

    Day 3: St Roch, Willie Maes, Lakeside, City Park

    St. Roch Market : A new venue to me, such a gorgeous hall full of vendors and market spaces.  Located in the St. Roch neighborhood, it was worth the drive across town.  Such a great meeting place for friends! We met the creator of 1 of 1 Blazers, Charles and got to talk to him about these one of a kind blazers! What a fun statement piece?! IMG_1365Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (24 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (25 of 46)

    Willie Mae’s Scotchouse : Best fried chicken you’ll ever eat, hands down.  I love supporting this amazing business that was devastated by Katrina but rallied and came back stronger than ever. Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (19 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (20 of 46)

    All this food had us needing a walk around the city.  That afternoon we walked over by the Lakeside area, where the levees broke during the storm.  Our family lost two homes in that storm so it was bittersweet to see what the new owners had done to the homes I had so many memories in.  After 8 feet of water, our family lost everything that we had in them. It’s a beautiful area that has grown so much after the storm.  Walking along Lakeside Drive brings back memories and driving through City Park was nostalgic as well.Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (22 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (23 of 46)

    Day 4 :Check into AirBnb #2 in Lakeview Domenicas, Aunt Sallys, French Quarter, Irvin Mayfields, Cafe Du Monde

    Mid-Century Modern in Lakeview– We LOVED this AirBnB! Such a great location (hello walking distance to everything great) and such a safe place.  We loved meeting the homeowners and they were so welcoming.  It felt like our own little home! This converted garage had everything we needed and more.  It made me want to come home and simplify everything.  Homeowner, D was a photographer and all the art in the home was photographs he had taken.  Talk about charming! We can’t wait to come back and stay here! Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (5 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (16 of 46)

    Domenica John Besh is one of my favorite chef’s to come out of the Big Easy so visiting one of his many New Orleans restaurants was on our list.  Inside the Roosevelt Hotel, this glam restaurant makes you feel like you are dining at one of Frank Sinatras favorite places to get a pizza. IMG_1395

    French Quarter : We walked into St Louis Cathedral, walked into Aunt Sally’s but missed watching them make pralines for the day, but picked up a few boxes to bring to our Florida family. Even though it was a little rainy, we walked through the French Market for a few minutes. Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (14 of 46)IMG_1461Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (8 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (7 of 46)Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (13 of 46)IMG_1457IMG_1481Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (15 of 46)

    Irvin Mayfields Jazz Club  One of my friends recently moved to New Orleans and began working with Irvin.  This Grammy award winner has 25 albums under his belt and owns a jazz club on Bourbon inside Royal Sonesta Hotel.  We sat for hours watching him perform with multiple other musicians who all seemed to float on and off the stage.  Sometimes there were 6 other musicians at the same time! It was magical.  I will never forget that amazing night of music. IMG_1415

    Cafe Du Monde : A New Orleans late night staple. Need I say more about their beignets? Also I love City Park’s Morning Call location for the times you don’t want to deal with the Quarter.  Processed with VSCOcam with e1 presetIMG_1403Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (3 of 46)

    Day 5 : Hansens Opening Day, Bevi Seafood, Dorignac’s, City Park,

    Hansens Snowballs : A few weeks before we left for New Orleans, I emailed Hansens’ asking when they would be open for the season.  Snowball season is a real thing in the south.  You can’t just have one any time of year, which makes them taste better when you actually get your hands on one.  They hinted on opening when we were there but confirmed it right before we headed out!! What a staple of my childhood! I love snowballs so much- stuffed with ice cream and in about any flavor they offer. I’ll never understand the ones with pickle juice, but to each his own.

    Bevi Seafood Co – New joint to grab crawfish and go. Take them to the Line and watch the sunset.  All the cool kids are doing it. IMG_1380

    Dorignac’s– I couldn’t have come to New Orleans without going to the best grocery store on the planet.  I know it sounds insane, but really. They are the best.  If we lived in New Orleans, I would have a major problem staying away from their amazing Doberge cakes, which we HAD to grab a chocolate and lemon, since Nick had never had one from there before.

    District Hand Pies : Snack after lunch! A second location of District Doughnuts, but offers hand pies, both sweet and savory


    Day 6: WW2 Museum, Central Grocery

    National World War II Museum : My dad and grandfather have been before, but I haven’t been.  This was an amazing facility for history buffs and novices alike.  Your tour is guided with these interactive dog tags and your soldier assigned to that dog tag tells you all about their experience in the war.  It was amazing and so eye opening.  I am so thankful for our armed services. They have a great restaurant called American Sector that is on site and uses local produce thats even grown outside their doors! Jordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (2 of 46)

    Central Grocery : New Orleans Mufaletta staple! Can’t get one without a Barq’s in a glass bottle!

    Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetJordan Emmitt New Orleans Tour Guide (18 of 46)

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

    Until next time, NOLa.

    second anniversary photos


    Darian Kayce Photography blew us away! Like I mention in the New Orleans blog post, I was looking on instagram and stumbled upon Darians work.  We roamed around the Garden District and ended things at Race and Religious, my dream wedding venue destination ( IIIFfFF I COULDDD TURRNN BAAACCKKK TIMMMMEEE) we would have gotten married there in a heartbeat.  But the next best thing is to put on a tulle white skirt and take anniversary photos there instead.  Since Nick will be gone on our actual anniversary, this was his gift to me! What a perfect present!!

    I am so thankful for the last two marriage plus two more years before with N.  It’s crazy how God orchestrated our love story.  I have a history of deep hurt from past relationships that I have been healed from the way I see grace through this man every single day.  If you would have said “Oh yeah, you’re going to marry an introvert from Ohio,” I would laugh in your face.  4 years ago I accepted a dare and 3 days later I was emailing back and forth with Nick.  I am thankful for that dare.  I am thankful for God’s grace, mercy and the way He brought two sinners together to make each other better every single day.  I am thankful for the way Nick loves me selflessly and points me to Christ daily.  I can be stubborn and messy and let things really get under my skin, but I know he is always there to be my voice of reason when I am about to flip.

    Marriage is hard.  The last 4 years together haven’t been easy.  We’ve seen some of our closest friends and family walk through hell and back.  We’ve been hurt by others, we’ve hurt each other and will fail as humans.  There’s days where I doubt myself as a business owner, creative and even have hard days where I feel like I don’t deserve such an amazing husband, but I am constantly reminded by our wedding vows to constantly out serve one another.  Those vows get us through the hard days where we are tired, frustrated, stressed or just plain selfish.

    I am thankful for this week long trip of rest.  I am thankful to be this mans wife.

    Ps. I made that fun floral crown from garden roses and eucalyptus! Best decision! I loved how it turned out- so much so I wore it to dinner afterwards! I’m in the works for a floral crown workshop so stay tuned.

    This girl has talent in every inch of her tiny body!! We love you D!!

    IMG_1586IMG_1594This makes me feel like we are The Civil Wars, but less drama and without everyone being bitter years later. ( I will never get over it, or Brad and Jen)




    Ps. How gorgeous is my husband? I married up, y’all.

    Jordan_Nick_008Jordan_Nick_064Jordan_Nick_063I  fought hard for this zebra skirt, and Nick finally caved and said he liked it once the photos were back!  Jordan_Nick_052Jordan_Nick_010Jordan_Nick_078Jordan_Nick_127Jordan_Nick_103 IMG_1584 IMG_1592plus if it’s not snap chatted, it never happened. how cute is D?!?!? Instabestie. IMG_1330