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Twins first birthday party

I keep telling everyone this was the longest and shortest year of my life. Some days when I wake up I have a split second where I feel like they’re still newborns and in a crib in their room but when I walk to their room I can usually find them playing in their cribs and laughing with each other every morning. These boys have been so much fun and are the best of friends. I am not good with monthly updates like other moms with the chalkboard progress stats but I like to think when they’re 35 and look back at all the fun we had instead they’ll thank me.

I set out to have a simple party with close friends and family with easy decor and food and pretty much stuck to that plan! All the decorations are from things I had like table linens I ordered on Amazon for our baby showers and other events I host! They’re super easy to throw in the washer and hardly wrinkle for the next use.

All the platters I use are collected from Home Goods over the years. There’s no point in spending a ton of money on fancy platters when you’re using them as much as we do! I’ve used them a hundred times for cheese boards, dessert trays to take to parties or even a holder for party favors at baby and bridal showers. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get botique looking table accessories. Just pick a neutral theme (mine are white with dot/ pottery style) and add when you can afford to! I think my most expensive white platter was $16 – not too bad!!

Throughout the party planning process I kept saying I wanted to make a statement balloon sculpture. I gathered my balloons from Dollar Tree (most value and pretty colors in the multi packs) and used my pump for what felt like 2 weeks blowing up around 250 balloons. This was enough for three balloon sculptures throughout our house and only cost about $7 of supplies. I kept them simple and just strung them with some of Nicks fishing line and a sewing needle. Couldn’t be easier!!! Just don’t get the line tangled in transit.

Food was my favorite element. I recently found a blogger named Aint too Proud to Meg who makes gorgeous cheese boards and I used her fruit and mixed trays as inspiration for our party. With about $70 of supplies from Costco and Trader Joes I was able to make 5 boards which was perfect for 50 people!

Cake: I am number one Stan for Publix cakes and do know they give a free smash cake on the babies first birthdays BUT they don’t have funfetti layers. I had a vision of rough iced and sprinkles all over so I chose to make it my own! I spent my junior year of college watching cake decorating videos all the time so I felt like I could at least try! I am so proud of how it came out with the funfetti and chocolate layers and animal topper! Animals were from Dollar Tree too!