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we had a baby! wait… we had two!

3Y7A7043Since the last time I blogged, I can’t quite be sure blogs are still actually a thing but here goes.  The last year has been one of the hardest and most rewarding years I’ve ever experienced.  365 days ago I found out I was pregnant the week we were closing on our dream house, a 4 bedroom fixer upper.  I kept it secret a few days until the night before we closed and dropped the moving truck off- I told Nick on the front steps of our soon to be house that we were pregnant.  He thought I was joking.  Little did we know that 3 weeks into home owning, a house buzzing with an average of 5 contractors, tile guys and painters a day – I would start getting sick.

I know I know… everyone who’s pregnant gets sick. I’m talking sick so much that I was able to hand pick my c-section nurses on a first name basis sick.  Sick as in was basically bed bound from week 7 until 37 when I delivered.  Sick as in I am sick of people only knowing what Hyperemesis because Princess Kate has it (let’s take a moment to commend her for getting pregnant 3 times.)  Physically I was so drained.  With going to my wonderful OB teams – both high risk and normal, 15 trips to get fluid at the hospital, 25+ ultrasounds, NSTs, dietitians appointments weekly, I was so tired.  If you know me you know that I am always on the go, always traveling and doing something with friends and there was little to none of that on a day to day basis.  When everything you loved eating makes you sick, as well as getting sick 6ish times a day, I became emotionally weak.  Food was how I showed my people I loved them and when Nick would come home and I’d struggle to keep a few crackers down, it was one of the weirdest seasons of my life.  I am so thankful for a loving husband that loved me so well in this time.

Through every single scan and ultrasound there was nothing ever wrong with the boys.  I am so blessed that even though I was sicker than I’ve ever been, the boys were so SO healthy.  We knew Jack was a boy at 12 weeks through an ultrasound and also some genetic testing but didn’t know if Mason was a boy or girl until 20 weeks.  Talk about mind games! I started planning my nursery about 2 years ago so I will link to that blog post (once it’s written.. this only took 4 months… we all have our strengths)

We did some homemade maternity photos basically because I knew we would regret not doing them later if we only have the boys and did them all at home on a day I felt pretty good!!

Maternity Photos 2017 (11 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (17 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (33 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (72 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (102 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (111 of 122)Maternity Photos 2017 (115 of 122)

I promised I wouldn’t tell my birth story … well I lied. Here it is : I went into labor a day before my scheduled c-section so I had my c-section a day early. Did I do my makeup beforehand? Sure did. Did Nick see my guts? He said yes but focused on Jack.  Spinal blocks are awesome.  The end.

Our sweet friend Shannon Jackson of Vine and Light Photography came to the hospital the day after delivery and gifted us with a sweet little shoot of our new family.